Christmas Designs


Adrianne Hope Dillon Freedom Life Church in Kissimmee, FL brings us Christmas design filled with snow.

The snow walls were made of foam board (from Home Depot) and tule. They painted the foam boards an ice blue, then glued the tule and bunched it up.

The snow flakes were made of 2 foam boards. They made stencils out of poster board, used stencils on the foam board, then cut them with a jig saw. They painted them white with blue and iridescent glitter. When they were ready to put them up, they brought them into the sactuary to assemble. They glued (some taped) the centers together to make a whole snow flake. They used fishing line to string them up.

White trees: They took some trees from their property and stripped all the green off and painted them white. Then they made stands for them and wrapped the stands in tule.

church - christmas 2013 001

church - christmas 2013 005

church - christmas 2013 008

update phone pics Nov 2014 021

update phone pics Nov 2014 022

update phone pics Nov 2014 023

update phone pics Nov 2014 024

Manger in the Brush Caged Light

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