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Manger in the Brush

Autumn Libengood from First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette, IN brings us this cool Christmas design.

They cut down around 40 trees and bushes in their own back property. They decided to spray paint the trees which did not work or have the coverage, so they had a local painter who comes to their church come in a spray the with a machine. They spent about $50.00 on paint for this.

Then they got 25 5-gallon pail buckets for around $3.00 each. They put the trees in there and filled with rocks 3/4 of the way. They used Great Stuff Spray Foam (12 oz) to fill the rest of the way and made sure they got it in the cracks around the rocks and trees. They used around 15 cans of this for around $4.00 each. Then they took fabric and cut it into circles and stuffed it with white paper around it so it looked more like a Christmas tree, then tied silver ribbon around it and tied a bow. All of this cost around $300.00.

Then they took a mix of plain fake snow, shiny white show, and silver glitter in trash bags. They used sprayed glue adhesive and sprayed that onto the trees in layers. They sprayed, then dropped snow mix, then added more glue, until they were satisfied with the amount. This was a long process and took about 20 cans of glue at around $5.00 each. Then they had another member of their team make the stars out of old pallets they got for free and painted the stars white and hung them. The stars cost around $40. They moved the trees onto the stage and loosely took white fabric and put it around the trees to make it look like snow on the ground. Then they covered their choir chairs with white seat covers borrowed from another church. This set took around 80 hours and a whole team of people to pull off. The cost was around $1000.




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2 responses to “Manger in the Brush”

  1. Chris says:

    Could you explain what the painter used to cover the trees? We are interested in a design like this, but I want to make sure I can get it to reflect our stage lights first.

  2. Autumn says:

    We had someone who runs their own paining business come in and spray them with there paint sprayer. Please do not use just spray paint. We tried that and it did not work for us!

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