Easter Designs


Mike Gerrells from Mission Hills in Littleton, Colorado brings us this Easter design filled with draped fabric.

The theme was Love Ran Red by Chris Tomlin, and the idea was to have red fabric running out from the cross to represent Jesus love spreading around the world. During the song, they fired 4 ETC 50 degree source four with Gobos through the cross into the audience.

The build was simple. They had 4 box trussed— two of them to support the screen and movers and 2 shorties to support the moving lights. They hung a 16 x 9 screen and rear projected the video backdrops from their Qlab station. The red fabric went from the cross to the back wall of the church with each run at around 150 feet. The fabric came 5 feet wide so they cut 1″ rods to 5 feet and suspended them from the lighting grid and catwalk as pullbacks to give the fabric some flow. All the fabric was stapled to the rods and cut to fit the run of the room. The hardest thing in the set up was leveling the fabric because of the weight being pulled front to back of the room.

Center shot - 4

Center shot - 5

Center shot - 7

finish set up LRR - 1

LRR service - 1

LRR service - 2 (1)

set up LRR - 1

set up LRR - 4

Jagged Strands Hanged Panels