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Jagged Strands

Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek Community Church in Northfield, IL brings us this take on the Coroplast card strands.

20 strands of cards, up-lit with 10 Colorado 1s. Moving lights and conventional pars hung behind the card curtain, providing some depth. Cards were hung on fishing line, spaced by black plastic straws. Thanks to Nate Parker of Willow Huntley for the materials!






Strips & Split Projection Canopy

6 responses to “Jagged Strands”

  1. What size are the cards? Thanks and great job!

  2. Kaleb Wilcox says:

    They are about 6″ squares

  3. Dennis Kelly says:

    Looks awesome! it would be interesting how it would look with mirrors in place of the cards.

  4. Andrew May says:

    What was the strand hung from? Lighting truss… the ceiling..? How many cards from top to bottom?

  5. Jevan Gonato says:

    what kind of material for cards?

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