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Canvas Boxes

Mark Carrao from Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI brings us this these canvas light boxes.

They built the boxes out of 2″x3″x8′ studs and covered them with canvas drop cloths. They had the canvas drop cloths texture painted in attempt to make the canvas look more stone-like. Once all was in place, they used 24 Chauvet Colordash Quad LED fixtures and twelve 500w fresnel fixtures to light it all up. Total budget came in just over $500 and was put together in its entirety in just 1 week.

They added scaffolding and some vintage tools to aesthetically round out the design.

Photos courtesy of Eric Pederson.







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4 responses to “Canvas Boxes”

  1. Stephanie Anemba says:

    Nice stage, please what material are the boxes made of and how did get lights inside the boxes?

    • Mark Carrao says:

      the frames are made out of 2″x3″x8′ studs and then covered with canvas material that we got in the form of painters drop cloth. we stretched it on the frames and secured it with a staple gun. the back side of the boxes are open and we put the LED’s right inside them and the boxes that are stacked we clamped the lights right onto the back part of the frame of the box.

  2. ezekiel says:

    How mach did that cost, with all the lighting and boxes?

    • Mark Carrao says:

      We already owned the lights. The materials cost us just under 500$ and build time was just a couple of days. The lights are Chauvet ColorDash Quad LED’s. I believe they are discontinued but I’m sure they have a comparable fixture you could price out if you’re interested. They’re quite versatile, we’ve used them in a wide variety of applications.

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