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Dorito Wall

Maggie Sanchez from Evermore Church in Riverside, CA brings us this wall of triangles.

To create this they simply recycled foam they already had on hand. They cut the foam into different triangle shapes with a homemade hot wire. Then they used nailed to hang them on the walls. They spend about $30 on everything.





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4 responses to “Dorito Wall”

  1. Clayton Bell says:

    Pretty sure that’s the wrong name for the wall. It should be called the Phineas and Ferb wall, no? :-)

  2. Lots of visual energy in this set. I still can’t believe it only cost $30. What a deal.

  3. Balida L. Bland says:

    What costs $30 dollars? I’d pay $3000 to achieve this look in an area equally as large as the one shown. Please tell me what I have to do. I’m a set decorator in Chicago trying to meet a request for a live choir recording to give them a stained glass look in the background of the choirstand! Please help me if you can. I need to present a quote very soon.

  4. Lacey says:

    What kind of foam did you use exactly? Where did you get it from?

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