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Throwback: Cardboard Castle

The Central Production Team from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ brings us this cardboard castle set design. (Originally posted December 2013)

CCV has four campus locations and all stages are designed in the same fashion. This set was used as part of The Story series, during the topic “Kings and Kingdoms”.

The goal of this set was to create abstract boxes in the shape of a castle. Video and lighting were projected onto the boxes and uplighting was used along the entire length of the boxes. Primary lighting used was Vari-Lite 1000’s and Mega-Lite LED Striplights.

The boxes were speckled with paint to give texture and lighting dimension. To speed up the process, each box was unfolded and laid on the ground. Paint was watered down and filled inside 2 gallon tank sprayers. Each box was sprayed once over with grey and once over with tan. After drying, the boxes were closed shut with clear tape.

The boxes were all different shapes and sizes – some small, some extremely large, some square, and some rectangular. The boxes were fixed together on stage with gaff tape. A castle design was on paper, but the finished product really took shape once the boxes were stacked piece by piece. For continuity, cardboard strips were cut and lined along the bottom of the drum/bass/electric guitar risers.

This set was easy to build, but the process was definitely time consuming! Overall it was a great set for volunteers to help with, it was relatively inexpensive and everything was recyclable.





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