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Throwback: Cascade

The design team from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY brings us this beautiful fabric texture. (Originally from July 2012)

They needed a backdrop that was quick to setup and had some texture. They opted to use a 118″ Oyster Voile from Rosebrand that was bunched and attached to a scenic netting (also available from Rosebrand). They used staples for the attachment points, but other methods could work – such as zip ties.

The finished drop size was 15’h x 40’w. To create the texture, they found that using double the width created the best fulness. In other words, there was 80′ of fabric used in each row. There were 4 rows of fabric.

They lit the drop using 4 TW1s from the top and 12 Apollo 1018 Multiform LEDs along the bottom.

Glowing in Circle Pixeled Arrows

6 responses to “Throwback: Cascade”

  1. Darrell says:

    What Type of material is best? cause that is very cool!

  2. sue lawe says:

    Oh dear! I love this idea

  3. Amber Payne says:

    We are doing this at our church! Redesign in a couple of weeks! Any pitfalls we should look out for? Also, I would love to know how many lights it took to get this overall effect. We might need more!!
    So excited!

  4. How long was the fabric you used and how long was the netting?

  5. Ajayi Hezekiah Tosin says:

    This is a such a creative idea, please I would like to get in touch with you personly as I have some ideas also to share but don’t know how to go about them. Thank you

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