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Pixeled Arrows

Weston Balogh from Agape Faith Church in Winston-Salem, NC brings us this awesome pixel LED tape design.

From Weston: All of the LED strips and Decoders were purchased from Enttec. Our signal chain goes as follows
Lighting software artnet out cat6 –> router –> Pixelator mini Decoder –> Cat6 –> PLink –> LED Strip
I cut 4×8 sheets of plywood into 1″ strips and painted them black. Led strips were attached with zip ties but it would have been better if we added some LED clips like these:

We hung Black Jack chain to hang the strips from and we used some screw hooks to attach the strips to the chain and metal brackets to hold the points together. We had a small issue of the strips just hanging at different angles which were only noticeable from the side so we attached strips of plywood across the points with zip ties to keep them from twisting

This is a pretty versatile setup. We have changed the design and it was as simple as making some longer cat 6 cables and moving power.

Do yourself a favor and get some clear silicon caulking to cover solder joints. BUT YOU MUST USE NON ACID CURING SILICONE!! If it smells of vinegar than its acid curing. any GE II brand is not acid curing.

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4 responses to “Pixeled Arrows”

  1. Chris says:

    Did you guys experience any data issues during setup?

  2. Jason says:

    Just out of curiosity, how big is the screen? (We’re trying to plan for a somewhat-similar setup.) Thanks!

  3. James says:

    How did you guys figure out power needs/wire up the PLinks to power?

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