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Throwback: Multi-Texture Triangles

Diane Salzmann from Christ Community Church in Illinois brings us this lovely use of texture! (Originally from Jun 2012)

Their stage is very tall so they tried to fill it top to bottom. They also have 3 other campuses with stages that need backdrops to match so Diane tried to find materials that were lightweight, easy to work with, and cheap.

She was created this using Natural Coroplast panels that were zip-tied then taped together into a column. (3 panels per column so each column was 4’Wx24’H)

Then she broke the columns up into triangles with gaff tape. Then she cut up scrunched aluminum screening to fit some of the triangles and added corrugated aluminum for other triangles. She used orange construction fencing as a stencil and rolled on medium grey paint which created the polka dot look for other triangles. Then she left some blank.

Very cool!

Pixeled Arrows 29 Hours

20 responses to “Throwback: Multi-Texture Triangles”

  1. Duane dodge says:

    How are the pieces all held together and supported

    • Diane Salzmann says:

      We butted the ends of the coroplast up to each other and drilled 4 small holes on each piece of coroplast (across from each other) about an inch in from the edge. (Think shoe lace eyelets) Then we zip tied the coroplast panels so they met snugly (no overlap). Then we covered the joints and zip ties with either black gaff tape or white duct tape (depending on where the joints fell in the overall design.) The columns were suspended at the top by tie line which was strung through 2 holes at the top of each column.

  2. Rosie Skaer says:

    How did you attach the corrugated aluminum to the coroplast? Was it corrugated aluminum or steel? It’s a great look!!

  3. Diane Salzmann says:

    It was corrugated aluminum (pretty lightweight) We used 1/2″ self tapping machine screws. We didn’t even predrill anything. Just screwed right into the corrugated aluminum (in the valleys) into the coroplast behind it.

  4. Dave Stark says:

    There appears to be a frame of some kind on each side of the column, what material did you use for that?

    Was each column constructed using a frame, such as a large picture frame effect, with the triangles of coroplast secured inside the frame?

  5. Diane Salzmann says:

    Hey Dave,
    No – there were no frames used for this set. The black you see is our backstage wall. Each column started with 3 sheets (4’x 8′) of coroplast laid end to end on the floor. We zip tied them so they butted up to each other creating a long 24′ column. (We secured the seams with white strapping tape to hide the seam and to hide the zip ties.) Hope that helps!

    • Dave Stark says:

      Hello Diane, if you have a moment would you please tell me how you attached the scrunched screening to the coroplast? Thank you for your help!

  6. Diane Salzmann says:

    Hey Dave,

    We used 1/2″ self-tapping machine screws…no pre drilling needed. They worked great!

  7. Claire O. says:

    What thickness of coroplast did you use?

  8. Diane Salzmann says:

    Hey Claire,

    We used the 4mm thick coroplast. It’s easy to cut with a good utility knife and a straight edge.

    • Diane Salzmann says:

      One more thing…you could easily use a thinner corpolast since it’s mounted to the foamcore. That would be a little cheaper.(I used the 4mm because we had some here already) Hope that helps!

  9. Dave Stark says:

    Diane, the coroplast is mounted to foamcore?? I assumed the project was backlit as well as front. Foamcore would block the light. What have I missed??

  10. Diane Salzmann says:

    Yes you are right! I answered your question before I thought about which backdrop I sent pics in for! YES! The basic structure is columns of 4mm coroplast. So sorry and thanks for the catch on my mistake!!

  11. Jerremy says:

    Hey! do you have the actual specs that I could have? Love this and want to do it for Easter this year. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Dom says:

    Very nice indeed !

  13. lori buck says:

    Love it! If you painted gray on the coroplast in some sections how does the light shine through it? are these back lit and front lit?
    great work

  14. lori buck says:

    we will be making theses for our easter stage design !

  15. Lynn Wilson says:

    Hi Diane,
    Very nice design! Not clear on how you lit the triangular panels. Were they back lit at all? It looks like they were just down lit, right? Do you recall what kind of lighting you used? Was it possible to backlight?

  16. Eric says:

    Super cool design here! Can you tell me about your lighting? Is it mostly backlit or also some from the front? What kind of lights are you using? How many did it take?

  17. Edward says:

    How can I get this done for my church

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