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Mike Gerrells from Harvest Church in Billings, MT brings us this regal stage design.

They built this set for a series on serving and evangelism called Servangelism. Their key visual for the series was a knight, so they built a castle.

They bought the rock paneling from Lowes in 4’x8′ sheets. Then they added 1/2″ MDF for the trim and layering. They added 2″ foam board on top for the castle caps.

Finally, they added some bales of hay they got from a farm.

Christmas Bars Tired

One response to “Castling”

  1. Matt Franzen says:

    HEY! I know this place! I was just up there at the end of July because I was helping a buddy of mine move… you may know him…. He’s Phil Wuerffel, the new youth pastor for the main campus there. Long-time friend and brother in Christ. I enjoyed the service and the stage design! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to visit in the future! Also I love the rock climbing walls in the foyer haha we got the chance to enjoy them for a bit before I left!


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