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Christmas Bars

Steven Hall from Northland Church in Longwood, Florida brings us this massive Christmas stage design.

They built a massive structure to support 72 Megalite Bright Stripe LEDs. The structure used gas pipe, uni strut, and various connectors. They built 10 separate sections to support the LEDs. The LEDs were then clamped to the pipe. Each section had its own DMX Universe. There were 10 universes of LEDs run from a computer running Madrix.

They also rented a circular truss. They used custom made bases and truss from Canavan Scenic in Orlando to create the arches around the center screen. They covered those arches in garland and Christmas lights. They also put 10 Clay Paky Sharpys on the truss and 6 on the floor.

The hardest part of the design was the scale. They used sixty-four 1″ gas pipes, 32 couplers, 20 sections of unistrut, 64 connectors, and 64 clamps.

It took 12 people a full day to setup and wire all the panels. They put black fabric behind the LEDs.

Check out the paperwork of the setup, linked at the bottom of this post. Cool!

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