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Triangle Projections

Jonathan Rivera and Bob Parrish from LifePoint Church in Tampa, Florida brings us this fun triangle projection masking.

This design was for their student room – the Warehouse. They added spandex sails to the sides of their stage so they could extend their projection. They used ProPresenter to display motion graphics on the sails, with one projector flipped to rear screen to make it mirror the other side. They masked out a triangle in ProPresenter to get the shape.

They suspended all three projectors from a bar so they’d be the same distance from the back wall of the stage.

The trusses in the back were 2’x2.5′ and has 2 Par64 LEDs in each.


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2 responses to “Triangle Projections”

  1. Dustin says:

    I love this setup. I am moving to ProPresenter and was considering using the triple screen option, but like your use of the sails much better. Great job.

  2. Eric Spann says:

    Hey Jonathan, I do this type of thing at my church also…..BUT….now did you ge the upward curve in the bottom part of the triangle? Eric

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