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Todd Moss from SouthBrook Christian Church in Miamisburg, Ohio brings us this stage design that looks like the shadier part of your town.

They partnered with XXX Church in Las Vegas for their “Traffic” series. The series was rated PG-13 and covered the topics of sex trafficking and pornography.

The majority of the set was made up of buildings constructed with 2x4s and sheet goods purchased at a local lumber yard and constructed in their shop. Each wall was built separately and had different plywood coverings. Once the walls were finished they were brought on stage and were connected and secured/braced.

To tie the set together, they used old hubcaps, rusted fire escape ladder, old water valve, trash cans, street lights, iron milk crates, power line with shoes hanging from their laces, old bikes, and stacks of wood pallets collected from their local junk yard.

Then they added graffiti art, flicker lights behind old windows (effect controlled from light board), a stop light (also controlled from the light board), and a metal grate covering a hole in one of the walls (pumping haze into the room).

We also used their big projection screen and displayed series artwork and moving backgrounds. They had to mask a few areas in ProPresenter so the projectors didn’t hit the “No Parking” wall or the stack of pallets.

The set took about three weeks to plan, build, and install. They spent around $800 on the design and were able to reuse all of the lumber and plywood.

Mystery Patterns Triangle Projections

10 responses to “Traffic”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Wow, that stage looks good. I love the feel, I got to be honest I’m a big fan of corrugated plastic but its refreshing to see some metal & wood on stage!

  2. Jenifer De Figueiredo says:

    Fantastic set! I love all the details! How long was this series?

  3. Susie says:

    Literally the only series I’ve missed in two and a half years! Now I really wish I’d been there!! Thanks for all of your hard work Todd – our stage is always amazing!!

  4. Adam says:

    All aspects of this design is so good! Can you give me the specs on the projector screen?

    • Todd Moss says:

      The resolution is 2048×768 shot through 2 Sanyo projectors. We use the image blending in Pro Presenter to match up the images. If you need more detail let me know!

      • Adam says:

        Thanks Todd,

        We’re looking into building a screen with that resolution. We have pro presenter 4 for Mac, so were part way there. Do you know the materials it took to build the screen?

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