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Throwback: Cathedral Walls

Rob Merow from Calvary Fellowship in Downington, PA brings us this very cool, tall stained glass feature. (Originally posted September 2013)

The stained glass window was a white sheer sheet, with the black lines of stained glass masked out on the front with black electrical tape. On the back of the sheer sheet was a mosaic of old, used lighting gels in various colors. The whole thing was then suspended, and back-lit from an array of MEGAbar LED strips. When lit white, the window appears to be multi-colored. The LED bars can also produce more mono-chromatic effects when dialed into more saturated colors.

The white strips were just sheer fabric pulled in tension to create the forced-perspective feel of a cathedral.

Negating the cost of the lighting gels (which were used), this set cost only $50 in sheer and tape.







mega array

pics gel

Fluorescent Cross Lines of Trees