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Fluorescent Cross

DJ from Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma brings us this cool cross piece.


Wood – 2x 1” by 12” and 8ft long boards and arms were cut in half
Paint – Grey Primer from Home Depot (can’t really see the gray if hung away from stage lights of course)
Lighting – 8 4ft Quazar Tubes and 8 2ft Quazar Tubes for the crms of the cross.
Electrical – 10 6ft Extension Cables, 3 DMX Dimmer Packs to control
String – 65ft of 130lb Black Flex String from Home Depot
Hardware – 2x L shaped bracket to hook the mount for the string to hang it and zip ties to hold down the Dimmer packs

Budget – $2,000


What took the longest was drilling holes next to the Quazar tubes so that they could zip tie them down from the bottom and top ends of the tubes. Also the input side of the tubes needed to be faced out, not in, so that power could go around the cross so that you don’t have to drill holes in the middle.

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One response to “Fluorescent Cross”

  1. Vince says:

    Could I see more of the electrical work? I am pretty confused about how they are all connected and powered.

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