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Chain Links

Corey Miller at 5 Point Church in Easley, South Carolina brings us this fun stage design incorporating panel towers and chain link fences. The panels on each side were created using white foam boards from a local hobby shop. The foam boards cost about 5 dollars a piece and were very easy to mount to the wall. They hot-glued a hook on the back of each panel, (like one you would attach to the back of a picture frame) drove a nail in the wall, and hung each panel like a picture frame.

The fence in the middle was 3 chain link fence panels that came from a dog kennel. They used the brackets that came with the kennel to hold the 3 pieces together and attach the edges to the truss. The foam panels were lit from the floor by a Chauvet LED ColorStrip and a Chauvet LED Strobe/Wash. The fence was lit from the floor by 6 Chauvet ColorStrip Mini’s.

Lights Out Shine

3 responses to “Chain Links”

  1. Mitchell says:

    How big and thick were the panels.

  2. David Blankenship says:

    What was the structure wall behind everything was it painted black

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