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Throwback: Chandeliers

Josh Ferris at Praise Christian Center in Beaumont, Texas brings us this awesome use of leftover chandeliers. (originally posted August 2011)

They actually borrowed the idea from the Seeds Conference at Church On The Move in Tulsa.

They were going to rent the fixtures, but ended up buying them from, a local construction material liquidator, and Michaels (craft store).

Once electrical loads were figured, they decided to split the fixtures into 2 circuits – stage left & stage right. The circuits terminated at a basic 4 channel, 1000w DMX dimmer hidden on the floor against the upstage wall. Then they hung all fixtures with rated aircraft cable or black chain. The mounting points were rated purlin clamps.

Mitzi Richardson, lead stage designer, designed and laid out the fixtures ahead of time. Then they adjusted the heights of the fixtures during installation.

The whole thing took two days (crew of 4 + designers) with a final cost of about $1,500. In a couple months they’ll sell the fixtures and hopefully recoup around half their cost.

Lit Lids In the Woods

7 responses to “Throwback: Chandeliers”

  1. Anthony says:

    Beautiful!! The colors all work so well together!

  2. Chuck says:

    Very cool and edgy. However, the minister of music should be in a suit and tie.

    • Greg says:

      and why should he? He is probably reflecting the congregation. I wonder if Jesus and the disciples dressed differently than the common folk? Stage Looks great, and nice shirt!

      • Chuck says:

        Really Greg? You’re defending his shirt??? Next thing you know he’ll be wearing a leather vest! Anyway, more importantly Greg, I stand by my earlier comment “Very cool and edgy”.

      • Chuck says:

        Hey Greg, I have to let you off the hook as another brother in Christ! I know Josh Ferris the worship leader at Praise Christian and was just giving him a hard time. I love this website and see endless possibilities growing from it. Take care

  3. Dan Slagle says:

    I’d be interested in buying the fixtures when you are done with them. Let me know.

  4. Denise Haverkos says:

    Nice arrangement and color palette!
    Very budget friendly too.

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