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Christmas Cones

The Oasis Visual Arts Team from Oasis Church in Los Angeles, CA brings us these cool Christmas crafty elements.

They wanted to create a classic Christmas look using colors and shapes that would compliment their new church space. They recently moved into a historic church building (Crown moulding, stone carvings, huge pipe organ) and wanted a design that spoke contemporary but framing itself within a traditional church space. They also had lighting issues due to the fact that the space is not as bright as their old church space. They worked on achieving this by using simple bold shapes, reflective surfaces and antique bronze and gold colors.

For the stage, they were inspired to make large cones that minimally referenced Christmas trees by a tutorial that they saw here. They greatly increased the scale of the cones by stitching together 3 sections of 3′ width Ramboard with duct tape on each side. Once they assembled the sections (which were approximately 9×9 feet square) they followed the tutorial to wrap the cones. The cones were then sprayed with Metallic Gold Krylon spray paint. Some of the cones were painted, some were wrapped with mylar or gold cloth material. Others were reduced in size and displayed in smaller areas of the church (window sills, table tops, etc).

Garland was made by cutting out varying size cardboard circles. The cardboard circles were painted in hues of Gold/Bronze and sewn together on a string. The finished garland was hung on the stage and produced a glittering effect.

Strips of reflective gold vinyl were attached to the front riser part of the staircase. This created an interesting visual effect when walking up stairs in the dimly lit stairwell space. The words “Merry Christmas” was affixed across the top of the stage so that viewers from the balcony can read it. The letters were self adhesive vinyl lettering.

Various Christmas elements were sprinkled across the space—wreaths on every door, Christmas artwork printed on canvas that hung in the lobby, and Christmas tree scent sprayed in high trafficked areas between services.

Concept Design: Oasis Visual Arts Team
Photo Credit: Mat Fretschel














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Silhouette Stacks Table Boxes

3 responses to “Christmas Cones”

  1. Jenifer De Figueiredo says:

    Very well done! Great job melding contemporary with the traditional. Loved the simplicity but attention to detail (risers!) everywhere that tied everything together. Beautiful!

  2. Brandon Cook says:

    Great work! Staying true to the architecture while simply and cleanly showing the theme is brilliant. Creativity is best served in context of your specific ministry and you guys are masters!

  3. Wes Lewis says:

    What did you make these cones out of? Love it. Needing a base to adhere ornaments to!

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