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Table Boxes

David Nikolic from KW Christian Fellowship in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada brings us these stacked end tables.

They followed the pattern of So Fresh and So Clean for this design. They used 30 Ikea end tables and made six towers by stacking them together. They added fabric inside the tables and backed the tables with a sheet of plywood that had lightbulbs mounted on it.

Then they printed their own watercolor graphic on 4×8 foam board and added colored lights on top.







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8 responses to “Table Boxes”

  1. Jake Wandel says:

    I love the before and after. Very clean, nice job!

  2. Terrence O'Briant says:

    This looks really good. I also like the changes you made to your platform – that’s a really nice update. Can you explain how you printed the foam board? I can see doing a lot of neat things with that.


    • Hi Terrence,
      I apologize for the delay.
      We basically got a nice graphic design pic / split it in 4 parts and printed a photoshop files on 4×8 coroplast sheets. that was it. Simple.

  3. Rachel Shoupe says:

    What did you do to black out the back?
    It looks wonderful! Great upgrade!

  4. Lance Larrison says:

    Looks great! What type of fabric is covering the table towers? Thanks!

  5. Greg Webb says:

    That looks very nice! How did you get light to evenly shine though the table boxes?
    And what kind of material is used for the table boxes?

  6. Jennifer Huffman says:

    This is awesome! How did you connect the canvas pictures between the light boxes?

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