Stage Designs

Throwback: So Fresh and So Clean

Sam McGovern from Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California brings us this stage design that’s so fresh and so clean. (Originally posted October 2011)

Sam and his team started by collecting 30 Ikea end tables they had from previous events. They stacked them up and covered the backs with a sheet of plywood that they mounted lightbulbs on. They masked the inside of the end tables with fabric to get the lightbox effect.

The center panels were a hi-res picture of a watercolor painting that they enlarged to 16×8 feet. A family in their church agreed to print the image on foam-core for free (they owned a print shop). Then they hung the panels from thin strips of wood that went across the tops of the lamp towers.

By using left overs and freebies, they were able to spend $250 at Home Depot to pull this set together.

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