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Throwback: Rainbow Boxes

This design comes to us from Josh Scott from Midland Evangelical Free Church in Midland, Michigan. (Originally posted May 2011)

This Easter set was created using 110 white 2′ boxes. Josh and his volunteer team created a center screen from spandex to project their graphic on. To light the set, they used 8 Color Key LED fixtures from the bottom and 8 Source four pars with Apollo scrollers from the top.

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12 responses to “Throwback: Rainbow Boxes”

  1. Darren Grubel says:

    Great Looking Set!

    How did you stabilize the boxes together?

  2. Pretty cool! Very creative is it for regular services or is it just intended for special event?

  3. Josh Scott says:

    We put this up for Easter but it will stay up for the summer. We used gaffers tape to hold the boxed to each other, but except for the boxes on top of the screen it probably would have stayed on its own.

  4. Dane says:

    how were the boxes constructed?

  5. Josh Scott says:

    They are white shipping boxes we purchased and sprayed with flame retardant stacked one on top of another and taped them together.

    • Chad says:

      Where did you guys purchase the boxes?? And was the flame retardant for safety or necessity?

      • Josh Scott says:

        Safety is the main reason, but if the fire marshal where to stop by he would probably have something to say. I would strongly recommend spraying flame retardant it is easy to do and cheap insurance from having minor issue turn in to a major disaster. Purchase from, most of your expense will come from shipping.

  6. Josh Scott says:

    The only problem with these boxes is you have to send them freight ie. not cheap to ship. If you can find a place close to you that makes boxes you can save a lot of money.

  7. Aaron Asay says:

    Josh – what did you use for the Fire Retardant spray?

  8. Josh says:

    We order it from if you call them they can tell you what you need

  9. Pam Johnson says:

    How did you keep the entire stacked wall from falling forward or backward?

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