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Throwback: Kriss Kross

Angela Yee from University Covenant Church in Davis, California brings us this great use of fabric. (Originally posted September 2011)

Angela visited her local fabric shop. She grabbed some semi-sheer green and blue fabric, and some panne velvet in other colors (a textured velvet). She and the team added some griff clips on the fabric and draped it from their cyc booms (plastic poles). Angela played around with the draping until she got the pleated look.

To weigh down the fabrics she dropped 4 cinder blocks on the bottoms.

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2 responses to “Throwback: Kriss Kross”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Very cool! Were these lit with lights to compliment the color of the fabric or just white (yellow).

  2. Patrick says:

    Angela… looks great

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