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Christmas Doors

Ben and Jessica Wysong from Cold Springs Church in Placerville, CA brings us this door look for Christmas.

The theme of Cold Springs Christmas series in 2018 was Vintage Christmas. The thought behind the stage was to make it seem like you were at home, trying to have an inviting element be apart of it.

So, they decided to put up old vintage doors and windows. Most of the doors and windows were ones that people let Cold Springs borrow. So obviously to set them up, they couldn’t drill holes into them. Each door was held at the top with an L bracket (also used to hang the wreath), and the windows had 2 L brackets on the bottom, and one on top to make them secure.

Each door and window had a wreath in front of it, and they used trees, burlap, and other Christmas lights that the church already had.

The last step was stringing the vintage Edison bulbs to the ceiling from the stage. Each strand of light was run into a power strip which was then run to a dimmer pack behind the stage so it could be controlled by the light board.

LED Wood Reflect Try Out a New Look for Christmas

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