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Christmas Fire

Chris McKinley from Calvary Christian Center in Pottstown, PA brings us this great faux fireplace with realistic fire.

After brainstorming and sketching out a design plan for a homey Christmas set, the creative team landed on this design. The fireplace was made out of prefab faux brick paneling from Home Depot with a cut out for a fireplace. The hearth was made out of the same material with a standard plywood top built on painted grey. The mantel was made out of 2×4 and stained to give a contrast.

The church needed a new Christmas tree and they found one on Amazon used. It was a 10 foot pre-lit tree.

There was an empty space to the right of the stage. So they took some existing wreathes and hung them to help counter the object heavy stage left.

The biggest challenge they had was the fire itself. They didn’t want to put a fake fire in there or a mechanical one they sell with lame logs and rolling wheels. So their media director suggested a video fire. To pull this off, they used a 55” LED tv hooked up to an Apple TV streaming a fire video in the fireplace. It looked so real it was crazy. Because the TV wasn’t flush with the brick paneling and pushed back about 6” there, was a 3D effect going from side to side where you lost some of the TV screen like you would with a real fireplace.

Fireplace / hearth / mantel – $50
Tree – $250
Decorations – $15

(All lights / screens / and projectors were already in their inventory.)











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2 responses to “Christmas Fire”

  1. Brent says:

    Where did you get the fireplace video? Looking to do this for our Christmas service but having trouble finding one to use!

    • Aaron says:

      I wondered the same thing. Also, Did you use the faux brick on the sides of the fireplace and the part that juts out front, or is it just painted black?

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