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Techno Ice

Bill Pendleton from Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio brings us these techno icicle drops.

From Bill: Keeping with saving money this fall/ holiday season was done again with Coroplast. We already had a larger amount purchased 6mths prior online at Home Depot. I took pieces of old sets and cut then down to smaller strips. 4″ wide strips x 4′ up to 8′ long. I pin nailed them vertical instead of horizontal this time. This was to help give us a techno abstract look of icicles so we didn’t have to strike set at Christmas. Just add to it and only small modifications. For Christmas we are adding Christmas lights hanging vertically to mimic the back wall icicle look.

The trusses were from an old youth room stage. These just added modern feel and with Chauvet Colorstrips hanging on them added a fun blinder look. Everything came from past stages. So cost for us was $0.








Ripples Christmas Fire

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