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Nate Bantle from Northridge Church in Rochester, NY brings us this Mio panel stage design.

From Nate: This stage design was inspired by the many designs that used Mio Culture. I also have been dying to build my own crowd blinders. Studying many of the great stage designs found on this blog it inspired this stage design. I’m really bad at taking pictures as we go so I don’t have many helpful ones. If you look at my Photoshop PDF you can see the original idea. Here is how we implemented it.

We started building and framing each section of the design individually. There were 4 wall panels that were 4′ x 8′ and 2 wall panels that were 4′ x 10′. In between each wall panel we but a blinder stack. We build 4 8′ foot light stacks with 4 lights in each and 2 10′ light stacks with 5 lights in each of them. The main reason each wall panel and light stack was built separately. was so we could use the blinders in future designs and place them where ever we wanted.

We used Steven Halls ‘Traffic Light Blinders’ as the inspiration for our blinders but did them differently still. We framed them with 2×4’s and used luan board for the face. We cut holes and glued the clamp lights into the holes. We took each ‘blinder’ and brought it into a power strip. We sent each power strip into a single channel on an Elation portable dimmer pack so we could control each blinder stack individually. Not each light individually but each blinder stack. We wrapped tin foil around the back of the clamp lights to cover the holes so that light didn’t shine backwards onto the wall. 100 watt light bulbs.

The wall panels were just a simple wall build. 2′ x 4′ frame and 4’x8′ luan board to cover it.

Once we had all that build we put it up and attached it to the back of the stage wall. We also tacked each section together for extra stability. (See picture for the ‘half way’ completed design.) Once we had everything built and up the next step was to take the Mio Culture tiles and glue them onto the wall. Mio Culture said to use wallpaper paste but that didn’t work very well. We ended up using 3M Hi Strength 90 spray which worked excellently.

We lit the bottom of each wall panel with a cheap ADJ Mega Tri Bar.

The building of the lights and walls took 5-6 guys about 3 hours. And placing the Mio Culture tiles onto the wall panels took about 12 people 3 hours. So overall this is one of the easier stage designs I’ve built.

Here are a couple links so you can see the stage design in action with some music.











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