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Coro Stacks

Bill Pendleton from Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio brings us this simple Coroplast design.

Liberty Heights borrowed from several great Coroplast designs like Interlocking, Lined up, The Long Weave, and Shapely. Panels were tacked to the walls and on frames to bend the Coroplast into half moon shapes. This created depth and contrast for the design. As with the other designs, playing with placement and size played big on effectiveness. The layers created a castle wall look at times when using the series slides on ProPresenter.

They used two cases of Coroplast, purchased online at Home Depot. Cases were ten 4’x8′ sheets. They have plenty for years to come. 2″x 2″s were used to make frames. 8′,10′ and 12′ tall frames, some even elevated on boxes to gain heights. Lumber came from old designs. They painted them back. To also save funds, Home Depot has in-store delivery; that’s huge compared to on line delivery fees! The cost of Coroplast is not great, but delivery can be brutal. Lighting looks came for LED pars and bars – all low level DJ stuff. Beams came from Chauvet 355z and Trio’s which were demos/borrowed.









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  1. Lis says:

    Hello. This looks amazing. Do you know roughly how much on average that this might cost to do?

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