Christmas Designs

Christmas in the Squares

Tammy Moletz from Allison Park Church in Russellton, PA brings us this grid of Christmas and snowy goodness.

They were inspired by Christmas Grid. They used lay-in ceiling grid like they did, but turned it around to the white side of the grid so that the pattern was a bit stronger. Instead of using decorative ceiling tile and frosted plexi-glass, which was budget-prohibitive, they used 2’x2′ pieces of opaque paper and trace paper. To add a little more traditional Christmas element to the design, they added large cut-out snowflakes to the trace-paper squares.

They broadcast everything to a nearby campus and plan to have this stage design for the whole season, so they had to be very careful with how it showed on screen and that it wasn’t too Christmas-specific.

The total cost of the design was about $550.

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