Christmas Designs

Christmas Lines

Todd Goodwin from Resurrection Life Worship Center in Picayune, MS brings us these Christmassy lines.

They had two days and a budget of $330. So they bought thirty-two 14′ LED Christmas lights strands from Home Depot – costing around $7 each. Then they built eight 14′ x 4′ “walls” of lights and placed those between LED Color Rails for a “starry night” feel.

Todd wanted a non-traditional feel so he went to the woods and found some small dead trees, cut them down, and painted them white. He put them Home Depot buckets and filled them with all-purpose sand to hold them in place. He accented the trees with Par64 lights with blue color gels.

Hope Floats Kris Krinkle

2 responses to “Christmas Lines”

  1. Sam says:

    Simple….but elegant! Love this!

  2. Beverly says:

    Where did you buy the par64 lights and gels? Love this look! Thank you for sharing!

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