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Pane in My Xmas

Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, FL brings us this combination of window panes, umbrellas, and fabric.

They painted and used 40 umbrellas purchased from to cover the ceiling. Then they used stencils from Hobby Lobby to give the umbrellas a vintage look. They found that using two different colors on the stencil worked the best as the paint did bleed a bit. Two colors made the images look older and hid any imperfections. The black and white striped ones were just masked off with painters tape and painted black. Red children’s umbrellas were scattered throughout to tie in with the red fabric on the lit columns.

Next 20 old window panes from a flea market were hung in rows of 2,3 or 4. They were hung from a grid kept on the back wall for hang points to all stage designs. The windows were kept old and dirty.

Lastly, they hung some white fabric up and strung christmas lights behind it. The red fabric was super glued to the white fabric to keep the exact shape they wanted. That ideas was loosely based off of the CSDI set Packed Christmas.

The total cost was under $1000.

Fluffy Christmas Hope Floats

4 responses to “Pane in My Xmas”

  1. Chris Daniel says:

    Love the stage, Hate the name csdi used for it.

  2. Dan Burd says:

    Oh…I am still laughing. What a great name. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kit potter says:

    I love the name the name csdi gave it!! It’s edgy and that’s awesome! It’s much better name than the series name.

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