Christmas Designs

Christmas Ridges

Jared Taber from Valley Church in Harrisonburg, VA brings us these ridgy metal Christmas trees.

They started by purchasing 20 12ft galvanized metal panels at Lowes ($17 each) and 7’x17′ of black fabric from a fabric store ($65). They had a member of their church that works in a fabrication workhouse cut the metal pieces with a waterjet. Then they outlined each tree with Coroplast from a previous stage design. They reinforced each tree with wood braces on the backs.

Their biggest cost was the LED tree branches on each side of the drum riser and lining the front of the stage. They found those at Target for $22 each (white ones) and $27 each (red ones). They put the tree branches in small black trash cans they found at a dollar store and filled them with sand from Lowes. They added an LED rope light across the stage (85 feet long) from (cost $150).

They hung the large piece of fabric below their screen in the back to create the illusion of a deep background.

They also added the “Merry Christmas” on the front of the stage from two 4×8′ foam boards from Lowes.

The trees on the floor were from a past Christmas design with white and red LED lights. The snow flakes were from another design, made from 4×8 foam insulation sheathing.

All lighting was LED lighting with the exception of their white front spots.

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