Christmas Designs

Christmas Wagon

Jon Wood from Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX brings us this country Christmas look.

Each year they celebrate their missionaries and give them a huge Christmas Celebration because of what they sacrifice for Christ and because so many of them have to miss Christmas in the States. Here was Jon’s design from April 2015.

They had been able to build up a large stock of props over the years so for this event they actually did not have to rent anything.

  • Stars were purchased from Ikea
  • The Wagon was part of their Props Collection
  • 80% of the trees were donated to them by Wal Mart because they were trees that were going to be tossed due to the “not for resale” on the box.
  • Jon made the Chandeliers in-house
  • Staging was just 4’x8′ panels framed out with 2×6’s and set at different levels on Cinder Blocks
  • They purchase the fake snow from Limelight and recycle it every year as much as possible. They use clean shop vacs to pick it up and filter it out to remove anything that the crowd may have dropped.










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  1. Brandon Cook says:

    Amazing Job!

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