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Vert Gutters

Stacy Bishop from New Life Christian Church in Winchester, VA brings us these vertical gutter pieces.

Being a smaller church with a small stage, it can sometimes be a challenge to scale down some of the design ideas they see and make them work for their situation. Before September, they still had white walls. For the entire year before that, they had the back walls partially covered by 8×4 sheets of foam board that had been painted black. Doing that allowed them to get people used to the dark walls without making a more permanent decision to paint.

This particular design was inspired by several on here, but they had to make it fit onto a shallow stage (not too 3D) and into their budget. Coroplast is difficult to find in good sizes where they are, and they did not want to have to pay for a bulk package of it online. Stacy’s solution was walking through Lowes, hoping to be inspired.

What they ended up with were leaf guards for gutters.They came in a size that didn’t need to be cut, which made this project very quick. Because they are like a screen, it also made them easy to hang with some simple white thumb tacks. At $1.89 per guard, the project cost them right around $53.

They did use lights they already had. They used four LED cans that they recently purchased on sale, as well as 4 lamps with remote controlled LED bulbs that were extremely affordable on Amazon. They had been using these LED bulbs as their design lighting for almost two years.





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6 responses to “Vert Gutters”

  1. Bradley McCarty says:

    Thank you for sharing this for us small churches. Very cool!

  2. Bradley McCarty says:


  3. Fit says:

    Hi, do you have any details pictures about how do you put the led on it?
    Please share it to me, if you do
    I really inspire with your stage design. Because our church stage is a small stage as well

    Thank you,

    • Stacy says:

      Hi! The LED bulbs are in regular lamp bases, sitting about an inch from the wall. They shine pretty directly upward. There are two of those on either side of the stage, as well as two LED can lights on either side. Does that help?

  4. Pam MAag says:

    I was wondering if you had any pictures on how you attached the leaf guards together and then hung them. Thanks

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