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Joey Johnson from Lifepoint Church in Tampa, FL brings us this busy stage design.

This was a very simple design that took their team a total of 4 hours to complete and it was inexpensive. They purchased 14 sheets of 4X8 foam board for $140 from Lowes. They used one of the sheets to cut out their letters and then cut the other 13 sheets at random. They started at the center and worked their way out. It was lit with 4 battens and 14 LED pars.



Dots and Waves Beacon Poles

2 responses to “Buried”

  1. Hash says:

    How did you mount the foam to the backdrop? Would love to do something similar, but with black cloth behind that has to be used for other events and setups down the road.

    • Joey says:

      We have a drywall backdrop so we were able to staple to it and re paint the wall after we took it all down. For yall you will probably have to suspend them from a structure above then connect all of them with fishing line.

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