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High Strung

Micah and Laura Reed from Christian Life Fellowship in Mayville, WI bring us this string art design.

They built 11ft tall frames with 2 by 4’s and screwed them together with braces. They also made two 8ft tall frames as well and painted all the frames black. Then they screwed screws all around the perimeter of the frames about one inch apart. Next they took white string from any craft store and zig zagged the string between all the screws. They added LED lights from the floor to shine on the string. They already had the lights so the cost of the project was about $75. They got the string art idea from various other designers on the site.





Dimly Lit Crosses Scraped Together

4 responses to “High Strung”

  1. John says:

    What kind of LED lights are you using? Looks like controlled lighting cans or spots on the floor. Remember name and where you got them from?


    Looks stunning!

  2. Brandon says:

    How thick of string did you use>

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