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Scraped Together

Nabhira Mascorro from Canyon Hills Assemblies of God in Bakersfield, CA brings us this design with multiple looks.

They used weedblock for the white paint over top black draping, with 6 par 64’s up lighting.

The platforms for the instrument’s each had two walls: one small, one long. And the truss with the TV’s each had a mini wall. They wanted to do a light wall look, but the electrical work was too much for their time frame. Instead, they created faux walls with 6in styrofoam balls, cut in have and super glued to the black painted boards.

They did this all for under $300, owning most of the lights and materials they used.

The grunge drapes were inspired by every design on the site with ‘grunge’ in the name. That’s where they got the idea to use a broom to make the patterns and paint brushes for splatter. It takes about 4 hours for the plain white paint to dry and you have to fold not roll the weed block to move it because it will crack the design.

When finished, they sprayed everything down with fire retardant.

Supplies bought:
3 Weed block 25ft rolls.
1 can white gloss paint
1 broom
3 sheets plywood
4 (2×4’s ) 6ft each
6in styrofoam balls
Super glue
4 Door brackets (legs of walls)

Already had:
6 par 64’s w/gels
4 LED pucks w/ dmx control box
2 (1 1/2 ft) risers

Cost: $300
Time: 18hrs










High Strung Glitter? Check!

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