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Christmas with Barn Wood

Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek Community Church, North Shore in Northfield, IL brings us this Christmas set.

The service involved a cinematic retelling of the Christmas story, mixed with live music and lighting elements.

The set was built from reclaimed barn wood and pallet wood attached to rolling frames made from 2x4s. Each frame was 6 ft wide and between 6 and 7 ft high. The counter weight on the back of the wall sections was provided by two cinder blocks per section.

The wall was lit with 10 Colorado 1s and 6 conventional Par cans. Behind the wall were 6 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash lights. Shooting these through the wood walls resulted in really great beam breakups.

The rest of the rig was comprised of 6 Mac 250s, 6 Robe 136LT moving LED heads, 8 Elations 250 Washes, and 3 Elation PowerSpot 700s.

They also hung 45 vintage incandescent bulbs (from from the cat walks on several different dimmers that allowed them to create a great starry night effect.







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One response to “Christmas with Barn Wood”

  1. Nate says:

    Looks awesome! Par for the course for Kaleb and team!

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