Stage Designs

Dotted Pipes

Matt Patman from Friendswood Community Church in Friendswood, Texas brings us this fun use of lighting.

They used:

  • 3 PixelFlexx 7.8mm 2.5’x10′ panels which totals a 7.5’x10′ video wall at center upstage.
    Rental from PixelFlexx Nashville
  • 2 LED light configurations made to mimic Christmas trees, one on each side of center. Using lights they had around the church.
  • LED’s = Chauvet ColorStrip Mini’s and Chauvet ColorStrips

Config per side =

They used 3/4″ conduit and cut to length and then painted black and ruggedized with truck bed spray paint. Then they used lighting clamps to hang each ColorStrip from said pipes. Each pipe was hung from the next using safety cables.

  • 4 Warm floodlight vertical pipes. (making a total of 16 lights)
    – 2 – 1/4″ conduit 10′ lengths held together with conduit coupler at each of the four locations.
    – attached at top to main bar with a lighting clamp bolted to a conduit clamp.
    – attached to the bottom with a 1/4″ conduit flange
    – 4 Home Depot Clamp lights measured and clamped at same height on each pipe.
    – Secured with Gaffe Tape
    – Each Light sent to individual dimmer using remote dimmer packs.
  • 2 – Altman ES series 2′ strip lights floor-mounted vertically on the inside corner of each stage piece for drums.
  • 2 – Altman ES series 4′ strip lights floor-mounted vertically on the outside downside edge of the main-stage.
  • 7 – Chauvet tri-12 LED fixtures over-head lighting for color on set
  • 12 – Robe Pointe lighting fixtures creating most of the effect lighting. Rented from VER houston.
    – 1 on each side of VideoWall at top
    – 6 at bottom of VideoWall evenly spaced for visual FX
    – 4 at corners of thrust stage for visual FX
  • 4 – Chauvet LEDScan300’s on front edge of MainStage
  • 6 – Chauvet LEDScan200’s shooting down at even points down the aisles.
  • 6 – Chauvet ColorDash Battens on columns down each outside aisle.







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