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Throwback: Circled Shadows

The Stage Build Team from Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia brings us this great use of circles and shadows. (Originally from May 2012.)

They got inspired by a set at Elevation Church in Charlotte and changed it up a little.

The circles were cut from pieces of MDF. They primed the textured side. They spent $250 and that made enough circles for two campuses.

For a creative element they brushed on invisible backlight paint and lit the band and the circles up with backlights. Blacklights are $11/each at Walmart. The paint is about $20/jar. Each jar let them paint about 30 circles.

Behind the circles was a scrim backdrop that had a very muted design on it. They also hung a layer of drape behind the scrim so the projector bulbs wouldn’t show. A 36’x7′ backdrop runs $750 – they’ve used the same scrim for a couple sets now.

Tear down is simple too. Everything from the pipe and drape to the zip ties and gaff tape fits into a 2x4x6 case.

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3 responses to “Throwback: Circled Shadows”

  1. Adam Neal says:

    Get it Andy Cherry!

  2. jimmy says:

    looks really cool. I love it.

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