Stage Designs

Throwback: I Long for Bubblewrap

Derek Welker from Worship Center in Lancaster, PA brings us this design inspired by the other bubble wrap designs. (Originally posted July 2012.)

They wanted a design that would fill the whole stage to allow them to place band members further apart from one another – a less crowded appearance. So they hung 4 panels on the outside of their panoramic screen to fill in the black space at the top of the stage. Then they added moving lights above the bottom tier of bubble wrap to create low level lighting looks along with twenty-five 57W light bulbs hanging from various items on the stage to add more eye candy.

The top tier of bubble wrap was attached to upright pieces of ten foot steel pipe. The bottom tier was attached to eight five foot boxes that the moving lights sat on and four five foot pieces of steel pipe on the very ends. They also left a 6 foot gap in the middle of the stage to allow people to enter and exit as well as move props and instruments on and off.

Materials used:

  • Four 50′ rolls of unperforated large bubble wrap
  • Assorted lumber and plywood to make the boxes
  • Black curtains to cover the boxes
  • Four 5′ pieces of steel pipe
  • Seven 10′ pieces of steel pipe
  • Finishing nails and gaff tape to attach the bubble wrap


  • Bubble wrap lit with Chroma Q Color Blocks and Color Forces
  • Special and Back Lighting – Martin Mac 250 Washes
  • Twenty-five – 57W Light Bulbs

Total cost of the set was $160.

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