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Throwback: Circles and Circles

This circlicious stage design comes to us from Van Metschke at South Hills Church in Corona, California. (Originally from May 2011)

Van and his team created this set by cutting circles out of 1/8″ Luan. They painted the circles white, and attached them to the wall with black screws. The lines below the screen were created using 1/2″ white rope. They lit the set with Mega-Lite NE-Color Wash LED fixtures.

All available at your local home improvement stores. (except for the LED lighting…unless you live in Dubai…they might have that there…)

Showman Throwback: Pining Away

2 responses to “Throwback: Circles and Circles”

  1. Pastor Shekinah Mokeme says:

    This is simple beautiful. Will definately copy this for our youth church

  2. Adrian Kueker says:

    What kinds of LED’s did you use on this and where did you mount them? I’m thinking of doing something like this but trying to figure out lighting. I see you have some (circles) right next to the screen and the screen doesn’t have the led color on it. Thanks in advance!!!

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