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Circus Time!

Stewart Linthicum from Albuquerque’s First Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM brings us this design for their VBS.

This year’s theme was “The Circus” and they had a very small budget.

The fabric columns on each side of the stage were made out of simple cotton with a hula hoop at the top and in the middle of each. The total cost for all fabric, including the gold in the center, was $35.

The logo in the center was made out of insulation foam board lined with Christmas lights.

The frame was made out of 5 pieces of particle board. It was cut and bolted together and then screwed into the wall. It is not very heavy. The pieces were spray painted red and then the yellow design was hand painted on top of it. The logo in the center was made out of insulation foam board purchased at Home Depot. They used an overhead projector to trace the event logo onto the board. It was about 4′ tall. Stewart used a regular saw to cut it out. Then they spray painted the red and hand painted the yellow on top. The stage frame was also lined with Christmas lights on the inside.

The majority of the cost was paint. Final number was $110.

Man up The Multi-Colored Lanterns

5 responses to “Circus Time!”

  1. S Bates says:

    Wow!!! Super awesome work.

  2. Tina says:

    Super cute! Hard to believe the cost. Looks great.

  3. David says:

    Super great that’s my man!!!

  4. Ms. Neina Kennedy says:

    I am so proud of you!!! Your grandfather popped in at the historical museum and showed me this amazing set that you designed !!! WOW Mrs. Hayes would be so proud!!

  5. Bob Turner says:

    At least its appropriately named.

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