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City Stacks

Josh Verdone from Word Faith Fellowship in Norco, CA brings us this cityscape backdrop for their stage.

This design is based off of a ‘Swagger’ series their pastor did during November about having ‘Swag’ or confidence in Christ. Josh wanted to give it a back alley type of feel with a city in the distance. The entire set cost around $300 to build and took about a week to complete with 3 people.

The cityscape background was inspired by Revelry Event Designers and was built from 4X8 sheets of masonite board. Each tower was framed out with a 2X2 piece of wood. Each building was painted with basic interior/exterior paint and then the windows were stenciled out with masking tape and painted white. The brick wall was purchased at Lowe’s for about $25 a sheet and framed with a 2X6 frame to hold it upright.

The ‘Swagger’ logo was tagged on with a few cans of basic spray paint. The whole set was lit using American DJ can lights that were set to fade colors on the buildings.

photo 1-1.JPG

photo 1-2.JPG

photo 2-2.JPG

photo 4-1.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

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