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City Walk

CJ Walters from Revive GC in Williamstown, KY brings us this city scene.

This was a design for a sermon series called “God Of This City”. Their design budget was under $100 and they ended up coming in at $50 for the total build. They wanted to go with a storefront look for the front of the stage.

They framed up walls using lumber they reclaimed out of an old house on one of their church members’ property. Their drum shield was made to look like a store front window by adding an awning they framed up and adding a plastic table cloth to make its look. They used an old glass door they had in the back of the church for the music store. They turned another platform for their acoustic guitarist into a bridal store by adding an old sign they had and a borrowed wedding dress.

All of the brick they used were panels they purchased from a local re-use store. They painted one of the storefronts bricks to break up the colors and buildings. Their stage carpet was pulled up and plywood underneath was painted black and yellow to look like a road. Their right side wall was filled up by taking a picture and printing it out using a software that makes puzzle like print outs. They had to put up every sheet to make the city scene. Very cost effective, but a lot of work. They added other details, like bike racks, stop signs, etc. The build was completed in two days.











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  1. Glendale Matias says:

    This is pretty cool!

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