Stage Designs

Leaning Towers of Pallets

TJ Wallace from Forest Park Church in Elizabeth City, NC brings us these pallet towers.

They wanted to go with more of a warm look for the fall and winter seasons, so they wanted to incorporate pallets but not in a way that everyone else was using them. What they decided to do was to build stacked frames that would be screwed into the wall, then they would take pallet wood and stack them roughly on the frames.

They built two 11 foot frames, two 10 foot frames, and two 9 foot frames. All these frames were roughly 4 feet wide. Then they built a frame to go behind their drum kit and under the screen. After building the frames, they spaced them evenly across the stage.

They picked up about 30 pallets from Lowes for free, then stripped all the wood off and began stacking and nailing them into the frames.

After they were done, they mounted LED bars to the top of the panels to downlight our pieces. They ran the power supplies and DMX cables through the ceiling to connect. They also drilled a hole big enough for a power supply on the side of the panels that couldn’t be seen.

They already had the wood for the frames, the pallets were free, and they already had the lights as well. They didn’t spend any money on this stage.











Crisp Night Hourglass Towers