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Colorful Platelets

Gwen Garfall from Christian Life Fellowship in Cape Coral, FL brings us this plate design.

They designed a honey comb pattern for the “I Belong” series using hexagon-shaped paper plates that they had spray painted in themed colors. These plates were used as well strategically in the lobby and for their small group menu launch. The look amplified the theme of “Connected in Community”.

They stapled 400 plates to cover their wooden pallet stained backdrop. The plates came in a case of 100 and cost $35 per case. They left some spaces open for variety. The backdrop wall was 30 x 8 ft.

Friendly Texture Floating Truss and LED Tape Combo

10 responses to “Colorful Platelets”

  1. Eric Cooper says:

    Where did you get the plates? love this

  2. Meredith says:

    This is great! What’s the source for the plates?

  3. Mitchell Ayers says:

    Source for the plates?

  4. Gwen Garfall says:

    Hi , see the above reply:

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