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Floating Truss and LED Tape Combo

Zachary McCrorey from Transformation Church in Indian Land, SC brings us this awesome LED tape-lined stage.

From Zachary: Our previous series, “Up Next..” series graphics were built around triangular shapes and so I thought it would be cool to present that in the stage design. Our current goal is to beefen up our truss, lighting, and small scenic element inventory. Every piece of stage design element that is purchased is in hopes that it can be utilized in future stage designs to cut down costs and avoid a large storage footprint within our facility.

We locked down the idea of flying various lengths of truss wrapped in LED tape with various LED Pars and movers suspended from them (inspired by Ed Sheerans recent stage design for his tour). Unfortunately, all of our pipes are static, so they had to be hoisted using a genie lift (and a lot of physical manpower). Once the truss was secured using airplane cable, we went back and added the LED tape around them, followed by adding the lighting fixtures. The LED tape for the 20′ side truss columns were placed on them before being secured into place.

For the triangles (which were two different sizes – 3′ and 4′ per side), we utilized multiple 30 channel DMX decoders (ordered from Amazon) to allow each triangle to be individually controlled. All triangles and truss tape were split into 4 sections (stage left, upstage center, stage left, and the lower centered triangles). This allowed us to make shorter cable runs from the decoders to the triangles | Truss.

There were various small changes from the drawings, but hey, we lived and we learned!

Lighting package –
– (4) Martin Stage Bars 2
– (6) MH1 Profile Plus
– (6) Color Kinetics Colorblaze 72 fixture
– (8) Worklights with halogen lightbulbs on dimmers
– (8) MH1 Wash’s
– (+30) LED Pars

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  1. Charles says:

    Do you happen to have a link to the DMX decoders that you used for this?

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