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Coro Trees

Jono Gardner from Legacy Church of God in Wichita Falls, TX brings us this rugged design for Coroplast trees.

Jono ordered 4’8′ sheets of Coroplast. When they were delivered, he projected various Christmas trees on them and traced them. Then he cut them out with a box cutter. There were 3 different tree designs and 3 different heights. 6′, 8′, and the tall ones are 14′. Je stapled them to the wall and shined their LED lights on them. The tall trees took 2 sheets of Coroplast, but he lined them up so you couldn’t tell. He took the remaining sheets of Coroplast and traced out JOY with a manger scene inside of the O and put christmas lights all over the floor. Altogether, he only spent about $150 on everything. (They already had the LED lights.)






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  1. Brandon Hutzell says:

    What type of lights did you use in the white paper bags?

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