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Repeat the LED

Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this mega Christmas stage design.

Here are the details from Steven:

Each year we host Christmas Spectacular at It is essentially a giant Christ focused variety show. Our intent is to draw our community in by reaching them with fun and thought provoking entertainment, worship and a message. Year after year it has been successful and helped us reach greatly into our community.

This year we had a lot of great non-programming events for our congregation and guests to enjoy. We covered our building in Christmas lights and created a pretty awesome display that chased and changed through out the evening experiences.

We also made some special places within our building for the children of our church. In our multi-purpose room, we created a Frozen Room. It featured Elsa and Olaf, foam snow balls, lots of colored lights, and snowy trees. In our children’s theater, we created a fun zone with an RC monster truck course, cookie decorating, a model train set, Lincoln logs, and other fun art activities. In our lobby we created a great cabin feel. We had lots of nice warm light, stained wood, and rough cut cedar cabin boards throughout the lower part of the lobby. This was set off by more plastic trees in our upper windows that were lit a nice blue and snowflakes and ornaments through out our ceiling. We also had a great band playing music in the lobby.

In our auditorium we created an amazingly flexible stage set that helped us serve the many different elements we had through out our program.

The main parts of our design included a Center LED Screen that played back the majority of our content. Outside of this LED screen were smaller 2′ x 4′ rectangles of LED panel. They contiuned the feel through out the whole design. They acted as small blips of content and created a really cool visual in the otherwise black void.

Around these LED panels, we spaced Elation Platinum Beam 5r and Mac 101 moving lights. This gave us lots of options from a soft was of light to a crisp texture, or even a harsh beam.

In addition to this we had a LED covered DJ booth that rolled onstage for a small EDM piece. We also setup a side stage with a rustic and gutted piano we bought for cheap on craigslist. This hosted a great folky / western-ish version of Oh Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen complete with a interject ting rap bridge. It was fun. We also extended our stage into the middle of our seating area and created a B stage that hosted our opener, a small acoustic version of Joyful Joyful that our team re-created.

Lastly we created a cart that held members of our band and electrical instrumentation. Our team used that instrumentation to create a really awesome visual element based off of vintage video games. It was amazingly stellar!

One of our biggest challenges with this set was the surrounding schedule. We had to install our outdoor Christmas light system 2 weeks before the production install. We also had 4 events during our normal setup week. This forced us to do a 2 phase install. We installed all the lighting on the 1st week and all the LED Wall on the 2nd. We also had a lot of moving parts with multiple stages, multiple carts moving on and offstage, and lots of people moving throughout the stage. Our team did a great job handling these challenges with good preparation and lot of rehearsals.




















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